Marie Claire Naked event

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On Wednesday we held a gallery event, at The Forum in Jozi, to showcase this year’s Naked Issue photos – on a much larger scale. Celebs signed their photos as Marie Claire’s editor, Aspasia Karras handed a cheque to the Burn Foundation Southern Africa, the real reason for the Naked Issue in the first place.

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Jacques and Charne Terre'blanche Marie Claire Naked
Greg Hammond
Kim Shulze and Mike Sharman
David Levinsohn hosts Marie Claire Naked event
Lee-Anne Summers Marie Claire SA
Generations stars Marie Claire SA
Pabi Moloi and Aspasia Karras
The burn Foundation receives their cheque
Tamara Dey Marie Claire
burn victims Marie Claire SA

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For more pictures, visit our Facebook page.

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Also check out this video from Zoopy. 

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