Marlene Le Roux, the current chief executive of the Artscape Theatre Centre, was awarded the Commonwealth Point of Light for her ongoing voluntary work to promote the rights of individuals with disabilities. At the ceremony, which took place in Cape Town, Marlene was presented the award on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, who is the current head of the Commonwealth.



The world is turning its eye towards Cape Town as one of the capitals of art. It seems that what the city lacks in space, it makes up for tenfold in talent. With renewed international attention on the Artscape and the recently opened Zeitz Mocaa, the future of the arts in Cape Town looks promising.

Marlene is passionate about the arts, but also about informing the world that living with a disability is by no means a restriction on one’s potential. She also talks about raising a child with a disability – her own son passed away at the age of 16, in August 2017. You can watch her inspiring talk below.