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In neo-Velvet Underground/Warhol fashion, Capetonian band The Plastics commissioned 15 of the city’s most talented creatives to do the art on their upcoming album, ‘Pyramid’. Much like their own creative process – often realised through impromptu jamming – they created a similar environment for the chosen creatives to follow suit.

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Cape Quarter’s Artjamming studio played host to a day-long jam that saw amongst others; artists Jade Waller, Roann Louw and Lorraine Loots come together – each with their own artistic interpretation of a song that had been assigned to them the previous week.

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Granted, the artists worked within a scheduled time, and in a controlled environment, but the approach was undoubtedly unique and as the band added, ‘[It] offered an unpredictability that couldn’t be bottled or manufactured. The free-thinking, free-spirited nature of an art happening to music [was] a very interesting idea to us – and we are very excited to see the results.’

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‘Pyramid’, which is set for release on 1 October 2012 will be followed by a ten date nationwide tour. ‘[The album] contains quite a variety of songs. Our priority with the songs has been to make them groove and to make sure they translate well into the live environment. It has some indie party tracks, some that delve into psychedelia and contain quite a few ’60s/’70s influences.’

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Kicking off today, the band will release one of the completed art pieces daily until its release. The first piece, by artist Arno Kruger accompanies the song ‘Occasional Lies’.

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With their latest single ‘Best Pretenders’ recently released – we’re eager to get our hands on the album. Listen to the track here and follow the album art as it is debuted each day on their fan page.

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Nikki Horsten, CT intern

Artwork: Arno Kruger

Photographs: Tristan Sandwith and Lauren Waller