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Jennifer Lawrence: Fashion’s new darling? 

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The Hunger Games actress now has a new role. That is to be the new face of Miss Dior for fashion giant Dior. She has often said that she’s happy not to be as famous as the likes of Kristen Stewart, yet taking on a role like this might edge her closer to that realm of celebrity.

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Breasts are getting even bigger

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I must say this is not very surprising, with the rise in breast implants. In a survey conducted by British high street store Debenhams, it seems that British busts have actually grown significantly in the past two years, that is 3 whole sizes. Women are not only getting bigger breast cosmetically, but they are also buying more and more padded bras. Is big always better?

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A peek at Brad Pitt’s ad for Chanel No. 5

Here is a first look at the ad Brad did for Chanel. Very mysterious indeed. Brad is the first-ever male face of the fashion house of Chanel. Apparently, the fragrance does most of the talking in the video ad which will be available from 15 October. Can’t wait!

Method acting gone too far? 

Actress Antonia Campbell-Hughes is playing Austrian Natascha Kampusch, who was held in captivity for eight years, in an upcoming film.

She said that she is using the method acting technique, a method actors use to create in themselves the thoughts and emotions of their characters. Some actors take this too far sometimes in my opinion. Matthew McConaughey is also starving himself for a new role where he plays a man dying of HIV/Aids. What do you think? Should actors jeopardise their health in such an extreme way?

Here are some other actors who have gone this extreme.

Hitchcock biopic

This film looks amazing. It is about how Alfred Hitchcock came up with the idea for Psycho – his most famous film. It stars Anthony Hopkins and the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson. Check out the trailer above.