Ireland Baldwin and her boyfriend?

Yesterday the up-and-coming model and celebri-kid tweeted a series of photos of herself with surfer dude Slater Trout, who flew all the way to LA from Maui, Hawaii to visit her. The pics showed them hugging, saying things like ‘Back with babe’ and ‘I missed you @slatertrout.’ Mmm, is love in the air?

Own Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes

How nice? Sarah Jessica Parker has offered to give three pairs of shoes from her Sex and the City days for an auction to raise money for a New York high school. The bidding will start quite high, I imagine, as Carrie’s heels are iconic ‘props’, if you will. Here is one of the pairs she will be donating:

What it takes to be in fashion

Working in fashion can be incredibly fabulous, but also very trying at times I’m sure. I just love these GIFs that the team at Huffington Post Style rounded up as their answer to the ever difficult-to-answer question: ‘What does it take to work in fashion?’

 Work on your air-kissing skills…

Try not to fall in 9-inch heels

Have self confidence

Learn to work under pressure

And in the words of Miranda Priestly…


Banned ads

LA-based brand American Apparel has more banned ads than probably any other brand out there. Their ads are often criticized for using models who either look too young or too thin or that their ads are far too sexually suggestive. Oh, and other ads aren’t? I completely understand when it comes to models who are under-aged or uber-skinny, but too sexually suggestive? We never seem to care that violence is shown to horrific degrees in TV shows and in films, yet sexually suggestive ads will cause our society to crumble? Come on. The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently banned the above ad. Do you think this was right?

Miranda Kerr will not leave Victoria’s Secret

Despite rumours that Kerr’s three-year contract (worth almost R9-million) with Victoria’s Secret would not be renewed, the model will be staying on with the lingerie brand for the foreseeable future. Us Weekly claimed that ‘she was not a big seller for VS’ and that she ‘had a difficult reputation’. These claims were crushed very quickly by the brand’s president Ed Razek.