Update on Nelson Mandela‘s condition

After visiting Madiba in hospital yesterday, President Zuma said: ‘We are encouraged that Madiba is responding to treatment.’ Yet, his condition still remains critical.

What is wonderful is the recent work we spotted by Shanghai-based artist Phil Akashi. He has created something rather unique and extremely powerful, a mural of Nelson Mandela. He did this by punching a wall 27 000 times with a boxing glove that has an ink stamp attached to it. This has imprinted on the wall the Chinese characters for freedom ­ – a salute to the freedom fighter. The artist said of his work: ‘This artwork exemplifies Nelson Mandela’s 27 years of incarceration, but also symbolizes his lifelong brave stand for equality. Nelson Mandela is an extraordinary artist of peace.’

Image via REX

What Kate, Wills and Pippa are really up to

Remember we recently showed you how Alison Jackson imagined Kanye and Kim eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby North West? Now, the lookalike photographer has done it again as she has snapped a series of photos of the fake royal couple going to Lamaze classes, exercising, Kate hula-hooping with Pippa, getting intimate and even one showing the faux Duchess of Cambridge getting a cheeky spray-on tan.  See all the pictures here.

I seriously can’t picture Kate doing most of these things, can you?

Underbutt is the new side-boob

The time has come…short shorts are no longer short enough. The trend of the micro-shorts, showing most of one¹s underbutt has arrived. Sadly. We’ve seen Miley Cyrus and the likes of Rihanna loving the look, yet we never truly wanted to believe that it will become a full-on trend. It has now replaced the side-boob fad as celebrities and fellow mortals seem to find any reason to show off  their underbum. What do you think of this trend?

First poster of Diana biopic released

We’ve been granted a peek at the upcoming film Diana, which shows Naomi Watts morph into the iconic women who died so tragically in 1997. The poster shows Watts’s uncanny resemblance to the princess.

The trailer, I must admit gave me goosebumps. Watch it here:

Cameron Russell’s Interrupt Mag

We’ve told you about her before. She is a tall, skinny, utterly flawless fashion model who has spoken at TEDX about how looks aren’t everything (watch above). During her talk she mentions how ‘women are often worried about how they look and that’s not superficial. We know that our appearance has nothing to do with how smart, creative or hardworking we are, but it plays powerfully into what society decides we are worth.’

Now in an effort to combat this problem, Russell started her own online magazine called Interrupt Mag. The blog is basically an open letter for women to answer Russell’s question: ‘What would you say if you had access to mass media?’

The site plays hosts to some fantastic essays on body image and race, and video projects on beauty and the media. Worth a look for sure!