Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Middleton

Chanel’s head designer has sketched this maternity look for the Duchess. We haven’t really seen Kate in any maternity wear and don’t know whether we ever will – but in Lagerfeld’s mind this is what she should be wearing. Look at that cleavage! Don’t think it’s quite her style, do you?

Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo

The Oscar-winning actress is the face of Jimmy Choo’s new ad campaign for his Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection. The campaign was apparently shot by famed photographer Mikael Jansson, who has said that the ads will give off ‘a cinematic feel that hints at the power and seduction of the Jimmy Choo woman’. Can’t wait to see Nicole work those Choos.

Cara Delevingne shows off her first tattoo

Always trending model Cara tweeted yesterday that she got her first taste of ink. That is, her first tattoo. Pal Rihanna recommended that she go to Bang Bang Tattoos in NYC. Here she ended up getting a lion’s head tattooed on one of her fingers. What do you think of it?

She also recently bared all for Marc Jacobs’s campaign against skin cancer, which is now available in the form of limited edition tees.

Honeymoon vibes

The newly married Keira Knightley and James Righton were recently spotted in Corsica frolicking in the surf, while indulging in some light PDA. It’s rare to get a peek into someone’s honeymoon, especially when it comes to super-private celebs. Yet the couple seemed to have a fantastic time as they showed off their perfect beach bodies to the ever-present paparazzi.

Zoe Saldana sees herself with a woman

The lovely actress recently went almost completely naked for Allure magazine, where she posed topless, only wearing a pair of sexy jeans. She opened up to the magazine saying:  ‘[I might] end up with a woman raising my children. That’s how androgynous I am.’ Everyone is talking about this, saying that Saldana has revealed herself as a clear-cut lesbian. Doesn’t anyone believe in fluid sexuality anymore?