Cover banned

The always controversial mag, Dazed & Confused recently tweeted that their September cover, featuring rapper Azealia Banks smoking a condom as a cigar, has already been banned in 7 countries. Prudes? I don’t know, I’ve seen much worse covers being published.


All branding to be banned on cigarette boxes

From December 1, SA’s following Oz’s lead. All tobacco products will be sold in drab, uniform packaging with graphic health warnings. “Rest assured, I am extremely excited,” said Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Will this deter smokers from lighting up?

Vogue turns 120

Can you believe that people first started reading Vogue 120 years ago? Unbelievable. Its September issue, known to be Vogue’s largest issue of the year, marks its 120th birthday. The US cover star? Lady Gaga in all her glory. Such a whimsical photo of her above.


Today is the 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death

Thousands of fans are heading down to Graceland to pay their respects to The King of Rock & Roll. Listen to him performing “My Way”, live (above). Epic.

Miley’s bun gets a Twitter account

Miley of course created massive hype when she chopped off her hair a few days ago. Now you won’t only find a Twitter account for Angelina’s right leg, but also one called @Mileys_Bun. All I think when I see stuff like this is, “Why didn’t I think of this?!”. The account already has over 31 ooo followers.