Halle Berry rushed to hospital

The star was rushed to hospital on Tuesday night after an on-set accident. She was busy filming her new feature film, The Hive. She apparently sustained a minor head injury and will be back on set soon. Phew! When I saw the headline ‘Halle Berry Hospitalized’, I immediately thought of Demi Moore. But we all know Halle is much more of a good girl.

Beyoncé brings back the braids

The superstar was recently spotted at a party sporting blonde braids. Back to Destiny’s Child we go! Or are they post-baby braids? A fan tweeted the above pic. Although grainy, it’s definitely her. Love it!

Harper Beckham walks!

I know this is super silly, but I love this child. She is just the cutest! Someone tweeted this when they spotted Posh and Harper at Dublin airport. So this is how it goes now, it’s no longer, ‘Look! She took her first steps – go get the camera!’, but rather  ‘Quickly! Tweet her first steps’.

Olympics opening ceremony cut by 30 minutes

Why so? Many people think this is because of security reasons, but this is mainly because the organisers want to ensure that people catch the last tubes home. It will apparently take super long to get people in and out of the stadium that officials wanted to streamline the process. Imagine being on a tube in the middle of summer, with 50 000 other sweaty people. I’d much rather walk.


Mandela’s legacy forgotten

As former president Nelson Mandela celebrated his 94th birthday yesterday, his ex wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu attacked the ANC for forgetting Mandela’s legacy. Winnie recently said: “These children are lucky that we [the Mandela family] made promises and these promises have been fulfilled. We see our people today in the streets demonstrating against us. It’s one of the most painful things to observe that, 18 years down the line, we still have people who say we have failed them.”

Is the ANC imploding? Secretary-general of the ANC, [Gwede] Mantashe recently said this and that the ANC today is not what Mandela gave his life for. Do you agree?