Behold, the first weight-loss perfume

Now you can smell, well, thinner. The creators of the Velds ‘Prends-Moi’ perfume claim the ingredients work like a stress reliever, which takes away the urge to overeat. Now I’ve heard everything.

Our GOLD hopeful, Suzaan van Biljon

Move over boys and make room for Suzaan Van Biljon. She already broke Penny Heyns’s women’s 200m breaststroke semi-final record and advanced to the final. Do we smell another GOLD? She’s going for it tonight.

In more Le Clos news, his dad Bert le Clos confirmed that his son has withdrawn from the final of the 200m individual medley. He wants to rather focus on the 100m butterfly, to maybe get another GOLD. I say go for it!

Is Macaulay Culkin on heroin? 

After recently seeing the actor like this, many people started to suspect that he has a drug problem. There are rumours that he has a $6000 a month heroin addiction. From the looks of it, I might just agree with the rumours.

Hijab ban lifted

This week judo sports authorities and the Saudi Olympic Committee confirmed they had reached an agreement, which was to allow a Saudi judoka to compete with her hair covered, this also now goes for Muslim soccer players. This comes a year after the Iranian women’s soccer team broke down in tears at having to withdraw from a qualifying match because they wore hijabs.

“This agreement shows that being a modest Muslim woman is no barrier to taking part in sport. It shows the inclusiveness of the Olympic spirit,” said Razan Baker, spokeswoman for the Saudi Olympic Committee.

What will become of Michael Jackson’s children? 

After a very public Jackson family feud, where Janet Jackson was accused of hitting Paris, the fight continues. Now, there’s talk of assigning someone as the children’s temporary guardian. Diva Diana Ross was named in Jackson’s will as a potential guardian, but she says that the custody of the children is a private matter she doesn’t want to discuss with the media. Yo, imagine being raised by Diana Ross. Now that might send these kids running for the hills.