Is Gisele pregnant with her second child? 

The whole world is speculating whether or not Gisele is pregnant with her second child. And how did the baby rumours get started? Assistants who helped Gisele change backstage at a fashion show, said they noticed some “changes” to her figure. Apparently, she also told her close friend Ricardo Tisci, who designs for Givenchy, as well as her family. It’s hopeless anyway, since we probably won’t even notice she’s pregnant with that perfect figure.

First glimpse of The Great Gatsby (Trailer)

The film so many people have been waiting for, The Great Gatsby, finally revealed its trailer. Leo is looking as fine as ever, we must admit!


Johnny Depp gets adopted by Native American tribe

Depp was recently adopted by the Comanche tribe, while shooting a film in New Mexico, called “The Lone Ranger”. In the film he plays the Native American sidekick, Tonto. A Comanche Nation tribal member, LaDonna Harris reported that the tribal chairman presented Depp with a proclamation at her Albuquerque home on May the 16th. They now consider him a son. That’s one tribe we’d love to join!

Another FHM disaster

#FHM is trending again. This time a FHM model tweeted about bribing a Jozi police officer. Sabina Essa posted a tweet reading: “Just got out of a R2500 fine for going 140 in a 60 zone. R30! Bwahahahaha. I LOVE JMPD.” Ai toggie. Maybe FHM should forbid their models from tweeting all together. It’s just not worth it.

Nicole dons The Mullet

Nicole Richie made quite an impression (bad or good?) at the 40th Annual Fifi Awards in New York City in her mullet, asymmetrical style skirt. Why do you think this is? Because it’s completely hideous or simply because it reminds us of the below?