Who really cares whether or not Beyoncé lip-synced?

Okay, so apparently Beyoncé didn’t technically sing the national anthem at the recent inauguration ceremony. I say, so what? She still gave one hell of a magnificent performance. It’s not like she used someone else’s voice. You have to recognize the massive amount of pressure she was under here. Doing something like this live is pretty daunting. For a singer of any magnitude. This is actually a pretty standard practice for such events, so this is nothing new. 

Lea. T, Alek Wek and more for United Colour of Benetton

Known for their controversial advertising methods (which I love!), the clothing company’s latest ad actually features some of their clothing. I just love this new ad, which features a bunch of very interesting people like Alek Wek, Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter, Charlotte Free and transgender model (above) Lea T. Check it out and be inspired.


Vivienne Westwood goes nude

At 71 years old, Vivienne Westwood continues to be daring and unconventional. On January 22nd, the British designer attended the exhibition of close friend and photographer Juergen Teller at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art. Attendants were in for quite the surprise as they witnessed the revealing of two large nude portraits of Westwood. Taken 3 years ago, the images show the designer naked on a couch, with one fairly modest and the other leaving very little to the imagination. ‘She was 68 when I took the pictures,’ said Teller, ‘and I was just curious about how she would look naked.’ By the looks of these photographs, we think its safe to say that Teller’s curiosity has been satisfied.


Moroccan law that allowed rapist to marry victim to be changed

I cannot fathom why such a law still exists, or that it ever did for that matter. Watch the above video for more info on the woman who committed suicide to get out of her rape marriage and how this incident may end up abolishing this law for good.

Charlize Theron wins humanitarian award

Charlize was honoured on Tuesday as she received the Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum’s annual Crystal Award Ceremony. 

She was awarded this for her work to eradicate AIDS via her foundation Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project during the ceremony in Davos, Switzerland. 

She said of this honour: ‘This is a great honor. There is a pretty hefty brain trust in this room right now, I feel like I’m getting smarter by osmosis. In all sincerity, I feel incredibly honored to receive the Crystal Award tonight. I don’t take for granted the opportunities that are awarded to me as an entertainer. I feel a certain sense of responsibility to do something meaningful with these opportunities as an artist in the spotlight.’