It’s snowing!

Brrr, it’s freezing in Cape Town as well as in the rest of SA. Check out Twitter to see where in the country it’s snowing. Especially around the Jozi area. Get out your shovels!

Meet Penelope Cruz’s sister

Seems that being ridiculously good-looking runs in this family. Meet Monica Cruz; Penelope Cruz’s younger sister. She has just been named the new face of Agent Provocateur, and we can certainly see why.

Tavi Gevinson heads to Hollywood

So, yes, Tavi is officially the coolest 16-year-old in the world. She started her own online magazine and is known in the fashion world as THE wunderkind of fashion blogging. Now she’s heading to Hollywood; and apparently she already has a few parts lined up. Mmm, not the same thing I was doing when I was 16.

Zooey Deschanel’s new guy

New Girl, quirky Zooey Deschanel has been spotted with her new beau, producer and screenwriter Jamie Linden. It’s been a long time since Zooey’s dated anyone; probably because of her new found mega stardom. Love this girl!

The first look at Natalie’s wedding dress

Yesterday we heard that Natalie Portman got married; but we couldn’t find any wedding pictures anywhere. Just Jared just put some up; and I must say I’m a bit disappointed. I don’t think the dress flatters her cute, petite frame in the slightest. What do you think?