Cape Town Fashion Week has come to an end, and we’ve decided to do a quick round-up of the best runway shows of the week. The designers left us in awe once more, and have definitely raised the bar for South African fashion and design.

1. Leigh Schubert

The 2018 collection was elegant and modern, with a touch of African influence. As usual, Leigh Schubert gave us a show that truly lived up to all our expectations.

2. Maxhosa by Laduma 

Maxhosa‘s clothing vision is of singular beauty. His modern contemporary style, mixed with African cultures, allows him to create a unique, aesthetically pleasing line. The 2018 collection was a contrast between modern tribal, and vintage cuts and textures: all the ingredients needed for a memorable show.

3. Lalesso x Fashion Revolution

Lalesso is a sustainable African resort-wear brand with a taste for adventure and summer, with vibrant prints. The collection paid homage to Mother Earth. We loved the natural, recycled textiles matched with a grounded and earthy colour palette using ancient African prints and techniques. A real fashion revolution.

4. Imprint

The 2018 collection by Mzukisi Mbane called Umgidi is an ode to his journey to manhood, while paying respect to the women who raised him. The collection features detailed African Xhosa-inspired prints, masculine cuts celebrating his manhood, and feminine dresses that honour African women.

5. AFI Privé

The Route to Root collection is inspired by the African sun, showcasing textiles and cuts that resemble Africa. We loved the fact that the collection gives the customer their value for money through fit, quality and exceptional design.

6. Orapeleng Modutle

With glitz, glamour and opulence, Orapeleng has drawn inspiration from the women who have passed and who have left a legacy in the world of fashion. His work resembles the style of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, celebrating the existence of women in fashion and the influence they have had.