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Hillary Clinton is a woman with a tough rep. The famously cheated-on wife of then-President Bill Clinton, she has risen as a political force in her own right. She narrowly missed being chosen as the Democratic representative the year Obama got elected (instead Obama was chosen) and has since worked at the US Secretary of State – a vital role in any country, and an important one in a nation at war like the USA (whether this war is justified is not the debate here, I am merely pointing out that she holds a key role in government.)

When she stepped down from office on Friday, she said a beautiful thing: ‘If women and girls everywhere were treated as equal to men in rights, dignity and opportunity, we would see political and economic progress everywhere.’

News24 commentators are not renowned for their gentle, kind comments, and their statements on the News24 Facebook post in response to Clinton’s inspiring words were therefore expectedly but nonetheless sadly misogynistic. One said, ‘Women’s and men’s as equal in rights? It was not intended that way…’. Another, ‘Then the world will become a Jungle … we have seen so far how you women handle relationships and family matters. [I]t has been researched that women don’t have the ability to control power, but allow power to control them. Those with Females bosses [sic] please vote here…’

I find it almost unbelievable that this type of chauvinistic thinking still prevails, despite how obvious it is that women and men are, in all essentials, the same and should therefore be treated equally. For me, the fact that an important woman, who displays strength, intelligence and wisdom, feels the need to say that we are equal, and that people want to ‘debate’ about it, is quite depressing.