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Show day! I arrived at the Queen Elizabeth Hall to a sea of models being made up by the Mac make up team. We were given some coffee and sandwiches before it was time to fit the models into the collections and make any necessary adjustments for the first act of the show.

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The show was, of course, African themed and the music truly enhanced the spirit this with some Zulu dancers entertaining the audience. During the three acts of the show the models engaged in some very quick changes in order to showcase several different outfits alongside the African music being played to the crowd!

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After the show, the designers, models, assistants and South African government representatives went to a wine reception, it was fab chatting to other designers and meeting some really great people in the backstage team!

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After the show had finally come to an end, we went to party at the fabulous and rather eccentric ‘Heaven Club’ in London, where we danced the night away celebrating the end of the atmospheric and patriotic Olympic week in England!

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by Suzaan Heyns

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