In our April issue we featured an interview with Dr Robert Rey (see page 160), who became famous after he and other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills were featured in a realty TV show called Dr. 90210. Robert Rey and his wife Hayley have been married since 2000 and have two children together, Sydney and Robby. We decided to take a look into the life of Dr Rey’s better half and asked her about her husband, her loves, plastic surgery and reality TV.

Marie Claire: How did you and Robert first meet?
I was fed up with the winters in Canada and also wanted to take one year to see if my dream of becoming an actress could be a reality. So, I packed up and moved to LA. I was filling out paperwork with the landlord of an apartment building when he told me that he needed to make a copy of my passport to complete the rental process. He said he had a surgeon in the building who had a fax machine that could make copies. When the landlord asked the surgeon to make the copy (upon seeing my photo) the surgeon asked if he could personally “hand deliver” my passport. Of course that surgeon was Robert! He showed up in the rental office to meet me but, to his horror, I was there with my mother and brother who were helping me with the process. He gave his business cards to each of us, but on mine he had written down all of his personal numbers. I had been in Los Angeles for all of two days and had already met my future husband!

MC: How did he propose?
Hayley: Robert took me to Brazil and proposed under Christ the Redeemer in Rio. It was such a wonderful surprise. I was enjoying the view and when I turned around I saw that he was holding his jacket open and, attached to the inside of it was his surgical scissors with was a note saying “Will you marry me?”

MC:  What is your passion in life?
Hayley: Rescuing animals. I love them so much and really feel that they don’t get a fair shake in our world. My dogs have become the loves of my life. They do so much for humans – aside from just being wonderful companions, they also assist in police work and rescue missions. I just can’t wrap my head around that euthanasia is actually legal.

MC: In a different life, if Robert didn’t exist, who would be your celebrity crush?
That’s easy, Johnny Depp! I have always been attracted to dark-haired, rebellious, gorgeous, quirky types

MC: Your husband is seen by many as a rebel. How would you describe him?
I also see him as a rebel, but in a good way. He doesn’t fit the mould, which I love. In medical school he almost got into trouble for showing emotion for a hospitalized old woman who was sad because she was dying alone and no one from her family ever came to see her. When the end was near, Robert brought her flowers and stayed with her for a while and she was so happy and grateful. But he was told to never do anything like that again. He believes that too many people in this world are losing their “humanity” and believes that doctors shouldn’t be trained out of their emotions. In that sense, he is a rebel. And perhaps he is also in the way he dresses!

MC: Robert mentioned in his interview with Marie Claire that when he’s done with Hollywood he wants to get a one-way ticket to Brazil and live in a small town in the Amazon. How would you feel about packing up your life in LA?
I know it is his dream to one day take off and do medical missionary work for the rest of his life. Robert doesn’t do anything halfway but he also understand that you have to compromise when you’re married.  I admire his dream of giving back and helping children full time but he also knows that I am now a hands-on mother and plan on one day being a hands-on grandmother (if my kids will allow that!).

MC: When Robert mentioned the idea of a TV show to you what was your first reaction?
My first reaction was, “No way”. When I thought about it further, I thought it might be a good experience and to try it for a season to see what happens. I had no idea how it would change our lives.

MC: When the cameras are gone, what’s a typical relaxing weekend for you and your family?
A lot of swimming! Robert and the kids love to swim and we literally spend all day in the pool. We go to many movies too. Also, California is such a great place to live; so many weekends we’ll visit to a neighbouring city like Palm Springs or Santa Barbara to unwind.

MC: What is your opinion on plastic surgery? Have you had any or would you consider having any?
I think plastic surgery is great if you have a wonderful surgeon who ensures that you have realistic expectations and is committed to giving you a natural result. I have had a breast augmentation that was done about 10 years ago by Robert! I feel more confident and fill my clothes out better (I was an A cup). I do however agree with my husband that surgery should be taken seriously and should be the last resort. Diet, exercise, no smoking, good skincare and shape wear are all options that should be utilized first.

MC: Your daughter is also now getting to age that when image becomes important. Would you be ok with her having plastic surgery?
I would be ok with it once she was at least in her mid twenties and if there was a physical problem affecting her self-esteem.