In a recent editorial shoot by Vasil Germanov for Bulgarian magazine, 12, a women is shown with a banged-up eye as a supposed ‘Victim of Beauty’. But is she a victim of beauty or merely a victim? I don’t think that showing women with banged-up eyes or faces  is a cool thing. Not at all. Throughout the years there have been many controversial editorial shoots and ads like the above one:

In a shoot by Tyrone Lebon, which showed up in Pop mag, pictured a 16-year-old Hailey Clauson getting strangled.

And another by Tyler Shields. 

Don’t we see enough domestic violence and other forms of violence against women in real-life? If these women in the photos were actual victims of such violence and if it had been an actual campaign in aid of victims, then the shock value of these images would work – for the positive. But to use it as a tactic to sell a product or as part of a beauty editorial, is shameful. What do you think?

More body politics? 

Photos via Fashionista.