Week 3 is here! Perform the exercise for the specified number of repetitions. Do 1 set each before repeating them for another 2 sets.

Triceps Extensions: Seated on a bench hold a light dumbbell in your right hand overhead. Place your left hand on your right triceps for support. Slowly lower your right arm so the weight is behind your head. Pause. Then raise the weight back up overhead. That is 1 repetition, repeat for 15 repetitions.

Make sure your upper arm remains stationary during the whole movement.

Incline Dumbbell Curls: Set an incline bench to a 60-degree angle. Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Lie on the bench holding the dumbbells at arm’s length with your palms facing forwards. Curl the weights up to your shoulders. Pause. Then lower the weights down to the starting position. That is 1 repetition, repeat for 15 repetitions.

Seated Reverse Flies:  Sit on the edge of a bench with a light dumbbell in each hand, palms facing down. Bend at your waist until your chest touches your thighs and your arms hang down at your sides. Slowly raise the dumbbells up and out to the sides until your arms are parallel with the floor. Pause. The lower your arms until they are almost vertical. That is 1 repetition, repeat for 15 repetitions.

Keep your torso locked in position.

Exercises all courtesy of personal trainer, Cameron Pratt.


Cameron Pratt
30, 7th Avenue Parktown North