This year it’s Fiorelli’s 30th birthday, and as a brand that celebrates women, we’re proud to be a part of the festivities. Even though Women’s Month has come and gone, we believe women should be celebrated every month of the year (right?). We’re all about honouring the power of femininity and the strength and resilience of inspirational women everywhere. This message of empowerment was behind the design and creation of the ‘Empower’ range of limited-edition handbags and matching purses, by Fiorelli.

Because the real superheroes of the world don’t wear capes or unitards. Nor do they fly. The real superheroes are authentic women with superpowers like intuition, extreme multitasking and, in some cases, mind-reading. We asked four members of the Marie Claire team to tell us what their superpowers are. What they said inspired us to be better and do better.

Fiorelli bags are more than accessories. They’re companions for the modern-day working woman. They’re the perfect way to finish off an outfit. They’re a daily essential that makes a statement about who you are. Get styled from head to toe and transition effortlessly from day to night with a bag that says ‘I’ve arrived’.

Happy birthday Fiorelli!

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