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  • Happy Sunday! Here’s @freddieharrel and her cutie to get you in the mood! (RG)
  • "Our lives will only have a meaning if each one of us can confidently say 'I was able to bring five, ten, fifteen and twenty women along with me.' What I am saying is, do not climb alone!"- Graça Machel. #AfricaDay celebrates the power of collaboration and togetherness, captured beautifully in this Mama Graça quote.
  • @terrypheto is electric! The story that came out of this shoot is extremely powerful - get your copy of the June issue of Marie Claire to read it. #MCxTerry #MCJuneCollab
Video: @valepicture
  • When you realize tomorrow is Friday 💃🏽 (rg @the_braid_bar)
  • Everybody loves a good pair of black ankle boots with jeans, skirts and dresses. How do you style yours?

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