Last month the popular US beauty magazine, Allure, announced that they would no longer be using the term ‘anti-ageing’ in their publication. Editor-in-chief, Michelle Lee, said that this was a long-awaited change and that they want women to feel comfortable growing into their skin as they get older. She recognises that the way we talk about ageing effects how we feel about this inevitable part of life. Smart woman.

Watch Your Words

If you deconstruct the term ‘anti-ageing’, with ‘anti’ meaning against, it makes sense that rethinking this term is a smart move. The ageing process is something that many women have felt they needed to be against and we often go to extreme lengths to try and clutch on to our youthful appearance for dear life. However women are fighting for the right to age without judgement, in the same way that men do. One woman at the forefront of this is actress Helen Mirren, who was featured on Allure‘s September cover to mark their new change in terminology and show that beauty really has no age.

What About Product Labels, Though?

A few cosmetic brands have recently launched new products which seems to indicate a change in language and branding. Millenials have shown themselves to be more concerned with products that show immediate results rather than ones that promise long-term benefits (which might have something to do with Instagram before and after pics). ‘Radiant’, ‘healthy’ and ‘youthful’ are some of the new buzz words that are replacing ‘fine lines’ and ‘wrinkles.’ The younger generation also no longer believe the miracle claims of anti-ageing products anyway, and prefer salon treatments such as micro-needling and lasering. It might take a while for the bigger cosmetic houses, and even the rest of the media, to follow suit, we are confident in these ever-changing times that they will. These things don’t happen over night!

The Bottom (Fine) Line

The fact is that, while this is a promising step in the right direction, the English language is vast and banning the term ‘anti-ageing’ just means that writers have to be more creative but will find ways of essentially saying the same thing. That being said, times are changing and perhaps even small things like choosing our words more carefully will slowly start to change our attitudes and become more confident in our own skin at any age.

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