My name is Helen and I am a Lush-oholic and a poor sleeper. Actually, it’s not the sleeping that is the problem, but rather falling asleep. Those racing thoughts are real. This, combined with working in the beauty department, is what led me to discover Sleepy Lotion from Lush.

Over the last few weeks the people of the internet have been posting rave reviews about this miraculous body lotion, which they claim has been helping people drift off to Dreamland more easily. Even people with sleeping disorders and anxiety have been singing its praises. Naturally, I HAD to get my hands on some and test it for myself.

So What Is This Stuff?

The sleep-inducing ingredients in this lotion are lavender and tonka bean, lavender being an essential oil that is known to be relaxing and aid in slumber. The fact that it also has almond oil and cocoa butter means that it not only smells divine but also moisturises your skin while you are sleeping. So you get a good night’s sleep PLUS soft skin when you wake. Sounds too good to be true… but is it?

Did it Work?

When we got some Sleepy Lotion sent to our office, I had to try it out. So every night this week I have been dutifully slathering it on before getting into bed with my book and seeing how long it would take for my eyelids would start to droop. I mean, how potent can a lotion be, right?

Any skepticism I may have had to begin with was completely destroyed when I drifted off to a night of uninterrupted sleep in just a few minutes rather than my usual hour. And this wasn’t just a once-off either, but every night during the week. I know! While it may also have something to do with the self-care aspect of applying lotion at bedtime, I am genuinely sold on the effectiveness of this pot of miracle cream. And as if I didn’t frequent their stores enough, I now just have to spend even more of my salary at Lush.

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