For many years, colour has been thought to be able to impact and uplift our mood. And if certain shades are meant to make you feel a certain way, then the concept of hair-colour therapy, pioneered by a New York hair colourist, is totally genius. Because why paint a wall a vibrant red or pink when you can dye your hair that colour and look cool while being calm and collected as well?

Hair Colour + Personal Identity

Roxie Darling isn’t just your average hair colourist – she offers a service called ‘intuitive hair-colour healing’. She does this by asking clients what they want for their lives, what they want to change or let go of, and then prescribes a hair colour for them based on their response. This practice is a form of chromotherapy, which is the science of using colour to adjust the frequencies in the body and achieve balance and wellness. This practice isn’t new either, and can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt, India and China.

How Colour Works

But colours can’t be that powerful, right? Roxie, and many others, would beg to differ. Colours have many historical and psychological meanings attached to them. She uses information about the client, such as their star sign, and delves into a deep session which may seem a lot like being at a psychologist, to come up with the best colour for their personality and needs. This process, including the colour selection, is meant to encourage a metaphysical transformation. And Roxie has plenty of returning clients for whom this process has made a difference.

Could this be the new way we colour our hair?

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