Ugh, dry chapped lips – they are the worst! They feel extremely uncomfortable and they don’t exactly make the ideal canvas for lipstick, either. During the cold winter months lips are even more prone to drying out and cracking if you don’t give them some extra TLC. Essentially there are two ways in which to keep your lips in good condition, namely using a scrub and slathering them with a high-quality lip balm as often as possible. Here’s why they are so important, how to use them and our top products to keep your lips silky smooth and puckered-up all winter long.

While using a facial scrub might be too harsh because of micro-tears that can occur on the skin, our lips, despite the skin being quite thin, are surprisingly tough, and can withstand gentle daily exfoliation. This helps to remove dry, flaky skin and can also help to remove other build-ups (like that stays-on-forever-and-can’t-get-it-off longwear lipstick). It also encourages blood circulation in your lips, making them look plumper and pinker.

Our advice
Scrub your lips at night after brushing your teeth to get rid of any daily build-up and apply a thick, hydrating balm afterwards to lock in moisture. This also allows your lip balm to do its magic while you get your much-needed beauty sleep.

We all love lip balm. Some people even claim to be addicted to it. But not all balms are made equal, and some of them could actually do more harm than good. Many popular budget brands contain petroleum, which derives from coal. This acts as a barrier that actually prevents your lips from breathing and, as such, will dry them out even more (now you know why you constantly need to reapply!) When buying a lip balm to withstand the dry winter air, look for one that has a thick, rich formula, is petroleum-free and contains ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter or coconut oil, as these are earth- and people-friendly, and proven to absorb into the skin to give you optimum hydration.

Our advice Lip balm can be applied throughout the day when necessary and should definitely be applied after exfoliating and before bed. Applying it under your favourite lip colour can also help to ensure that your lips are getting sufficient moisture even when you are wearing make-up.

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