Ever had people laugh at you because you’ve mispronounced something? I have. Many times. Be better. Here’s how to pronounce these popular beauty brands like a pro.


Ciaté is known for its fabulous nail polishes, which come in a whole host of glorious shades. The name can be a bit of a head-scratcher though.

Wrong way: See-ah-teeee

Right way: See-ah-tay


Estée Lauder

Just because this make-up and skincare giant has been around for years, doesn’t mean people can always pronounce it.

Wrong way: Ess-tee Louder

Right way: Ess-tay Law-der


It took me a long time to learn to pronounce this French brand and I still feel like an idiot when I reflect on how I used to say it. Cringe.

Wrong way: La-ocki-tayn (I used to say it like this. No joke.)

Right way: Lox-ee-tan


NYX Professional Makeup

I still find myself flip-flopping between the two, even in the same sentence.

Wrong way: N-Y-X

Right way: Nix



Another brand that is so established, most people get the pronunciation right. For those who don’t, take note:

Wrong way: Clin-ick

Right way: Clin-eek


No one ever said French was an easy language to master. The names of some of their best-known beauty brands are testament to that.

Wrong way: Lan-comb

Right way: Lan-com (as in ‘dot com’)


The way I used to pronounce this haircare brand, in hindsight, doesn’t even make SENSE. But now I know better, so I speak better.

Wrong way: Care-ah-tees (maybe this was just me?)

Right way: Care-ah-stuss

Stila Cosmetics

The name of this cosmetics brand originates from the Swedish word for style, stil, which is pronounced ‘steal’. Bear that in mind when you say it.

Wrong way: Stilla

Right way: Stee-lah



This is one of the oldest cosmetics houses in the world, which means it deserves your respect. At the very least, pronounce it properly.

Wrong way: Sha-see-doe

Right way: Shi-say-doe



It may seem straightforward at first glance, but being another French brand, you can’t take any chances when it comes to the pronunciation.

Wrong way: Ah-veen-ay

Right way: Ah-ven

No itchiness on our watch. #XeraCalmandcomfort

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This cheap ‘n’ cheerful brand makes some excellent dry shampoos. And while their products are simple to use, they are slightly less simple to pronounce.

Wrong way: Bah-tist

Right way: Bah-teeeest



This brand is pretty posh, and there’s nothing posh about fumbling the pronunciation.

Wrong way: Gwer-lain

Right way: Ger-lahn


Aēsop Skincare

‘Ay-sop’ may seem like the logical pronunciation, but if you’ve ever heard of that guy who wrote the fables, you’ll know how to get your tongue around this Australian brand.

Wrong way: Ay-sop

Right way: Eee-sop

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