Now, it goes without saying that whichever beauty trends or looks make you feel good are the ones you should try; but we’d be lying if we said there weren’t a couple of these trends that drove the MC beauty editors mad in 2016. These are the beauty looks we hope will die a quiet death this year.

Overdrawn eyebrows

There is nothing more unsettling than a pair of perfectly square, drawn in, semi-pasted-on brows – it fails to convey that effortless beauty we’re all after. A little goes a long way when it comes to eyebrows, click here for tips on how to master the (natural) power brow.

Spider lashes

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Dramatic, clumpy lashes were all the rage on the runways last season; but it’s one of those trends that don’t translate well into real life. Not only do lashes look best when they’re separated and elongated, but clumping them together can also damage them, leading to hair loss (shudder).

White liner

White liner can be a real eye-opener (literally) if used correctly in the waterline, but some insisted on making a wing out of it. We hope the white cat eye stays in 2016.

Overdrawn lips

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While we see nothing wrong with using liner to accentuate your lip look, overdoing it is a big no-no and can look messy. As much as we love Kylie Jenner, we hope the over-lined lips trend doesn’t make another appearance in 2017.

Stiletto Nails

Can we please retract the claws in 2017! As much as we love and respect a perfectly manicured and groomed set of nails, we are not a fan of claws.