A few months ago on American TV show The Doctors, the panel claimed that in order to find your ideal shade of nude lipstick, you need look no further than your own nipples. Dedicated beauty fiends tried it out and the results were all over the internet. People can’t help being extra, and now things have been taken a bit further with claims that the same theory can be applied to vaginas.

The theory could make sense as a vagina is kindof like a diverse individual colour palette as each one has a variety of shades – from browns to pinks and purples. The colour on the outer part of the vulva  is different from the inside and so on, so there’s plenty of variety to choose from.

Being the skeptic that I am, I decided that the only way to prove or disprove this theory would be to test it. In the name of science, I gathered up the ladies in the office to pick their matching shade, and the results were surprisingly great.

beauty, vagina, lipstick, nude, shade, colour, pink


beauty, lipstick, vagina, colour, shade, pink, nude, intern


beauty, lipstick, vagina, shade, colour, red, rust, intern


beauty, editor, lipstick, vagina, pink, nude


beauty, lipstick, nude, red, rust, colour, intern


beauty, editor, nude, lipstick, pink, shade, colour, vagina


beauty, lipstick, vagina, colour, pink, nude

Yours Truly

So next time you are struggling to find a lipstick shade that just says ‘you’, you might want to take a take a peek ‘downstairs’ for some inspiration.

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