Sunscreen is important. Even celebrities say so.


And since we live under a harsh sun and it’s summer, it’s even more important that we slather it on daily.

We also know that if we’re going to be spending time outdoors, applying it once in the morning is not going to keep us protected all day. Inconvenient, but true. So how do you reapply sunscreen if you’re wearing make-up? Don’t wear makeup? You could do that. Or you could follow these tips so that you can look your best without feeling the burn.


1. First Things First

Before you even think about heading outdoors, it’s important that you put enough sunscreen on your face. This should be done after cleansing and before applying your make-up. Not sure how much you should be using? It might seem excessive, but it’s recommended that you spread half a teaspoon of sunscreen on your face. Then wait for it to be absorbed before you reach for your cosmetics bag.

2. Extra Protection

Instead of using your regular foundation, why not opt for a tinted moisturiser that contains SPF instead? This should not replace your conventional sunscreen but can be added on top of it to give you coverage, even out your skin tone and provide even more protection from the sun’s rays. Alternatively, look for more full-coverage foundations that also contain SPF.

3. The Best Formula

If you generally use powder foundation, summer is the season to make a switch to the liquid variety. This will make it easier when it comes to reapplying your sunscreen as the consistencies are the same. This means that you can reapply the sunscreen, then touch up your base and blend the two together so that the finish is even and not a hot cakey mess.

Another make-up change to make in summer that will help with sunscreen touch-ups is using a liquid blush. Because blending.

4. Spray For Days

Setting sprays – we love them. Plus many of them contain bonus SPF. This means that you can set your make-up after the first application as well as whenever you touch up throughout the day, and get more protection. In this case, less is not more, more is more! You can even use a high-quality sunscreen mist instead of a setting spray for that extra boost.

Enjoy the sun safely and flawlessly this summer!

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