The new year has begun, and we have all had some much-needed time to reflect. Some of us may have made resolutions that are going to be near impossible to stick to: such as go to the gym each day, go to bed early *and* completely cut out junk food. HA! While you will be forgiven for eating pizza on the regular and exercising only when the urge strikes, here are some beauty resolutions that you can, and should, stick to in 2018. You’ll thank us later.

1. Do your research

There are a lot of make-up and skincare products out there. And they don’t all come cheap. This can make choosing a (potentially expensive) nightmare and it can be easy to buy something simply because it’s trending. Something you should ALWAYS do before forking out on new beauty goodies is to research them thoroughly first by reading plenty of online reviews. This will prevent you from making costly, or even damaging, mistakes.


2. Take it off

This probably makes it on to beauty resolution lists every year, but removing your make-up before going to bed is really important. Why, though? Sleeping with product on your face can cause blocked pores which, in turn, can lead to breakouts and even premature ageing. Yikes! Luckily there are loads of fun, innovative and effective products out there to help you remove it, such as cleansing balms and micellar water. Invest in them.

3. Change your sheets

Does your bedding affect your appearance? Yes. Yes it does. And it can affect your health, too. This is not only because amazing linen can improve sleep quality but, not to be gross, there are LOADS of invisible nasties living in your sheets and pillows, ranging from dead skin cells to dust mites. The more this builds up on your pillowcases, the bigger your chances are of experiencing breakouts. Change them weekly to prevent this.


4. Clean your tools

Your skin playing up and you don’t know why? Your make-up brushes might be to blame. Most of us are not washing them often enough, if ever, and this can cause a build-up excess product and bacteria. Giving them a deep clean once a month using designated brush cleanser or even baby shampoo will not only help your skin to stay pimple-free but it will also make applying your make-up SO much smoother.

5. Drink it down

Another thing that appears on almost everyone’s resolutions list is to drink more water. So we are just going to reiterate this because it is THAT important. Not only does drinking eight cups a day improve bodily functions but it can also aid in weight loss. In terms of your skin, H2O is what keeps our bodies hydrated, which our epidermis needs to be in order to look its best at all times. Time to start chugging.


6. Toss old products

We are all guilty of holding on to beauty products WAY past their expiry date. Confession: I still have a lipstick I found in a nightclub in 2006. But it’s time for it, along with all my other old products, to get chucked because old make-up can lead to severe skin irritation and infections. And nobody got time for that. Check the expiry date on the container, do the maths, and then say your goodbyes. It might be hard, but it’s necessary.

6. Try new trends

While there is nothing wrong with having a signature style, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut from time to time. We know it can be terrifying, but trying new trends can actually also be fun, and can help you to update your look and keep things current. And since there are new trends popping up on virtually a weekly basis on social media, there is plenty of inspiration to help you on your experimental journey.


May 2018 be your most beautiful one yet!

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