Disclaimer: you’re not going to like this list – but remember, all things in moderation are generally okay.

1. Sugar

No surprises here. Sugary foods cause blood-sugar levels to rise, which is really bad for skin elasticity and the production of collagen (read: hello fine lines and wrinkles). Sugar also causes breakouts and redness. So, for healthy, glowing skin, banish the sweets! And always read food labels – some seemingly innocent foods are loaded with ‘hidden’ sugar.

 2. Dairy

Milk, cheese, ice cream – yip, anything dairy is bad news for your skin. Added growth hormones that continue to be active in the dairy you consume can affect insulin levels, trigger inflammation and increase oil production, which often leads to breakouts. If you can’t give up your lattes and cheese platters, opt for organic products, which usually contain only naturally occurring hormones. But better to avoid, avoid, avoid.

3. Alcohol

Oh yes, your wine habit is ageing you. The more you drink, the more dehydrated you become (funny that!), because alcohol is a natural diuretic. Dehydrated skin leads to fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention a dull complexion. Many alcoholic beverages, like wine and spirit coolers, are also loaded with sugar – see point 1!

4. Chips

Before you reach for that midday packet of Lays – think again! Chips and other refined carbs (pasta, bread, et al) are no good for your face (or hips). They cause inflammation and are known triggers for breakouts and adult acne. Rather grab a handful of almonds or a couple of multigrain nacho chips, if you need the crunch factor.

5. Salt

Puffy-eyed? Puffy-faced? Don’t know why? It could be your love of salt. Too much salt leads to water retention, and because your facial skin, especially the delicate eye area, is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body, you’ll notice it here first. Water retention also becomes more prevalent the older you get, so while you may have been able to get away with a bowl of salty popcorn a night in your teens, as you head into your late twenties and thirties, you’re going to want to cut back.