When it comes to bold, graphic eyeliner, you don’t need much to make a big impact. The latest eye-make-up treat is the cut, or floating, crease, and it can be simple or intricate and is a modern take on the dramatic 60s look, but better. The 2017 version is fresher and simpler and doesn’t require the same tedious amount of layering and blending – nobody has time for that. Plus, pretty much anyone can achieve this look. All you need is a good-quality liner in the colour, or colours, of your choice and a relatively steady hand. The best part? There are no rules, so you can go all out when applying it.

The best way to wear this trend is with very little make-up. This way, your eyes,and your eyelid artwork can be the focal point of your look. All you need is one layer of liner or two of your favourite, highly pigmented eyeshadow, and a coat of mascara and you are good to go. Lines can be bold and clean or you can blend the edges slightly for a softer finish. All eyes will be on you, we guaranteed it.

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