We’re only 11 days in, and it has already been quite a tumultuous month for both local and international celebrities. They kicked off 2018 with an amount of candour we were never ready for. It’s not every day that we get a peek into the not-so-pretty side of A-list lives, but a little realness every now and then can serve as a necessary reminder that celebrities are human  too, and at times fallible.

The first candid moment came from rapper Cardi B, whose response to a fan’s tweet pretty much summed up the above sentiment.

Cardi B isn’t trying to be a role model

The hit-maker, whose career skyrocketed in 2017, has been getting a lot of flack for not being a good role model. But she refuses to pander to any of it – rightfully so.

When a Twitter user took it upon herself to remind the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper that she’s a celebrity, so what she does ‘matters’ to the women who look up to her, she hit back with this very apt tweet:

Denise Zimba shares TV gig regrets

This former Vuzu presenter has never been known to be meek or hold back on frank talk. Last week she posted a few candid tweets about career regrets from 2017, naming and shaming certain shows and production companies.

Zimba didn’t divulge too much information on why she rues doing these shows, but the reason is somewhat implied in this tweet:

Khanyi Mbau is heartbroken

As if break-ups aren’t difficult enough in private, imagine being a couple in the spotlight, with fans constantly following up on your relationship status. But supportive comments streamed in for Khanyi after she shared her heartbreak on Instagram.

She’s been dating Kwela Tebza’s Tebogo Lerole since 2012, and on Tuesday finally ‘made peace with [losing the battle]’ she said in her Instagram caption.

when Love is not enough? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?? Today.. I made peace with a battle that I have lost, i have accepted defeat. My greatest fear and my greatest loss.. letting go of the man I gave my heart too @edwardbillion it has taken so much from me in convincing my self that I am OKAY? Today I chose to face my fears and accept my truth. Today I let go of my greatest pain, LOVE IS PAIN .. for a while now I have been so insecure, so bitter and lonely, AS the wise WOULD say everything has a season!! THE HELL!!, 😖WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?? 😔My Summer has gone. My first ever experience of being truly in love and being fearless but the very same love has made so small and so sore inside. I have lost me .. today I let go of my future plans, the man I saw as the father of my kids and my future husband.. love of my life.. my best friend!! 😭I am afraid , I am so afraid but I am going to learn how to love me genuinely first before I try and love again. Lord give me strength🙏🏽. #BROKEN #single #afraid #scared 🌪 💔

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Keri Hilson admits she ‘hit rock bottom’

In an interview on the Steve Harvey Show the ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ singer broke down while speaking with celebrity psychic medium Reginald Lewis on the show. It’s been six years since she released music, and during that time she also split from long-time boyfriend Serge Ibaka.

Watch the video here.

Emma Watson unlearns white feminism

Previously dubbed ‘the face of white feminism’, Watson confronted her white privilege and feminism in a letter to her book club. The letter introduces the club’s first 2018 read, Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, and in doing so mused on how for a long time Emma wasn’t even aware of her position of privilege, saying:

‘There seemed to be many types of feminists and feminism. But instead of seeing these differences as divisive, I could have asked whether defining them was actually empowering and bringing about better understanding. But I didn’t know to ask these questions.’


With a few other A-listers shutting down their social media accounts, 30 others expected to give birth, and Kylie Jenner still MIA, who knows how many more announcements 2018 has in store for us?