I mean, by this stage, we’re all becoming Mrs Jones – it’s our wedding too now! Minnie Dlamini has finally invited us to share in the lushness: the first pert of her wedding docuseries airs tonight at 730 on Vuzu AMP. Cue the wine, couch and popcorn. Here are five reasons we simply cannot wait for this local TV first:

1. She’s revealed nearly nothing

Barring a few pictures and teasers, we just don’t know much. No cameras were allowed anywhere near the ceremonies as the broadcasting rights of the Dlamini-Jones wedding were sold to Multichoice, and so that Minnie could control the narrative. The wedding(s) were a very exclusive affair with security guards and access control wrist bands. Guests were all warned about the rules before entering.

2. Quinton Jones ia reportedly hella camera-shy

… And he has vowed that this will never happened again. Spice? Minnie has said the following about her private man: “He was entirely against it but in the end understood why it was important to me…  I really wanted to control how our story is told and avoid a circus.” Fair enough, although: “He made it clear that we’re not doing this again.”  But just listen to him though, he’s *very* sweet:

Coming soon… #BecomingMrsJones 💎 Happy Birthday my love 😊❤️@vuzutv

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3. It’s a local TV history 

Minnie’s making South African television history here. This docuseries is the first of its kind. It will be a intimate window into a personal and real romance that allows us to see the behind-the-scenes emotions, the family dynamics, and experience of planning a traditional and western wedding ceremony as a star. As Minnie put it: “I wanted to decide what the narrative is myself, give the people what they want while making sure that it’s an authentic story.” Weddings are stressful and emotionally intensive for any bride and the viewing is bound to be compelling.

Practicing my last walk with my dad ❤️ #Sibalukhulu #becomingmrsjones 💎

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4. It’s going to be exquisite aesthetically 

We know it’s going to be beautiful, and not just aesthetically. Minnie describes the production as “an honest and visual representation of my heart during the most beautiful and intimate time of my life”. I mean 😍. Also, her wedding gowns were designed by Gert Johan Coetzee, with Swarovski crystals imported from Austria: “I gave Gert the brief to look like a fairy-tale princess, as it has always been my dream to look like a Disney princess. He knocked it out the park,” she said.

It’s going to be a fairytale.

My fairytale came true ❤️ #BecomingMrsJones M|Q 💎

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5. The star-studded guest list

  • Somizi
  • Unathi
  • Roxy Burger
  • Anele Mdoda
  • Ntandoyenkosi Kunene
  • Liesl Laurie

… to name just a few.

It’s gonna be sooooooo lavish, and we’re ready to have our wedding goals handed to us.