2017 has sure been a crazy and exciting year for Bonang, from fashion to emojis, she’s had South Africa hooked. So we have to admit we were surprised by the news that her reality show, #BeingBonang on Vuzu will not be coming back for a second season.

A reality show about one of South Africa’s most beloved celebrities? It sounds like a recipe for success. It was anticipated that her reality show would attract countless viewers and push ratings through the roof, but this wasn’t the case for BeingBonang, which didn’t get the green light for a second season.


But why the disappointing figures for the show? According to Sowetan Live, the Television Audience Measurement (TAMS) figures show that #BeingBonang failed to beat Mzanzi Magic’s Isithembiso, which attracted just under 330 000 viewers, claiming the spot of 30th most watched show in South Africa in the last month. The news agency also reported that the reason could be that the show was in a difficult time slot on Vuzu on Friday nights. But perhaps South African audiences aren’t ready for our own version of KUTK just yet – if Bonang can’t pull of a reality show, it’s unlikely that anyone else can.

As you can only imagine, die hard Bonang fans have been heartbroken over the news; and tweets have been pouring in.

For now we have the second edition of Bonang’s tell-all biography to keep us busy, but we’ll definitely miss #BeingBonang on Friday nights. We’d love to hear what you think about Mzanzi’s Queen B’s show being canceled. Were you a fan? Or are you glad the show got cancelled? Let us know on social media!