Surrogacy is still taking off in South Africa as it’s only legal to do it altruistically, not for money, and the law protecting mothers, surrogate mothers, and children, only came into force in 2010. While we’re still wrapping our heads around how it works and what it means, some of our favourite celebrities have led the way.

Lucy Liu had her son, Rockwell, through gestational surrogacy in 2015. Gestational surrogacy is where an embryo created from the biological mother’s eggs is implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother.

Liu is a single mom, and has spoken out about the need to accept non-traditional families. She told CBS News, ‘It doesn’t matter the machinations of how things occur. How you love and parent a child is most important. That’s the support system, really.’ Here’s Liu with Rockwell, who she calls “my mini” – cute!

Kicking off Season 5 with my mini @elementaryofficial @kickeepants

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Perez Hilton has similarly chosen to be a single dad to two children. Mario was born in 2013, and Mia was born in 2015, through gestational surrogacy using a donor egg. Here he is with his mom and the kids.

Celebrity couples who struggle with fertility have also chosen surrogacy as a way of becoming parents.

Tyra Banks struggled to become pregnant for years, and finally welcomed her son York in January this year. Banks and her boyfriend, Erik Asla, chose gestational surrogacy. Banks shared her delight and gratitude on Instagram, saying “The best present we worked and prayed so hard for is finally here. He’s got my fingers and big eyes and his daddy Erik’s mouth and chin.”

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Mathew Broderick struggled with secondary infertility after the birth of their first child, James. They decided to explore surrogacy, and eventually had twin girls Tabbitha Hodge and Marion Loretta in 2009. In an interview with Access Hollywood, she described the rollercoaster ride of going from struggling to conceive to having twins:

“We didn’t expect it. I think after a certain amount of time, you tend to hold your hopes at bay a bit so as not to be disappointed. One really would have been thrilling and we would’ve felt incredibly lucky. And two was a comedy!”

Rex features

Rex features

Surrogacy can also enable gay celebrity couples to have children. Both of these pairs have chosen gestational surrogacy.

Elton John and husband David Furnish have had both their children through the same egg donor and the same surrogate mother, who they describe as “part of the family”. The pair have two sons. Elijah was born in 2013, and Zachary, born in 2011.

Our beautiful boys on their Easter Egg hunt. @davidfurnish #ShareTheLove

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Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka had twins called Gideon and Harper in 2010. Both men wanted to be biological dads to their children. One sperm from each father was used to create the two embryos, which were inserted into eggs from an anonymous donor, and then implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother.

The dads said in an interview that they chose not to know which baby comes from which dad. Six years later, NPH’s Instagram is filled with unbearably adorable family photos.

Happy Easter from the Burtka-Harris bunnies and one lil’ chick!

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These celebs have chosen surrogacy, and it’s made their dreams of parenthood come true. For more information on surrogacy, visit