They may not have agreed to go au naturel in all of their photos, but these five celebrities have taken a stand against the bust-enhancing, bum-lifting, skin-tightening business of airbrushing.

Image via Rex features

Cate Blanchett

In 2012, Cate appeared on the cover of Intelligent Life, wrinkles and all. The 42-year-old Lord of the Rings actress and mother of three looked beautiful even with shadows under her eyes and laughter lines around her mouth.  If she can do it, then teenage girls on Instagram can too!

Brad Pitt

In 2009, Brad insisted that the pictures accompanying an article about him in W magazine be un-airbrushed. He went even further and chose photographer Chuck Close who is known for his detailed portraits that highlight skin flaws. But even with aged skin, Brad is as much of a heartthrob as ever.

Jessica Simpson

In 2010, Jessica Simpson graced the cover of Marie Claire US un-airbrushed and unmade-up. The photos were part of a promotion for her TV showThe Price of Beauty. The blonde bombshell of Dukes of Hazzard fame looks natural, wholesome and real, which is almost preferable to flawless and impossible.

Britney Spears

She didn’t quite go un-airbrushed but what Britney did do was release pre-airbrushed images to the public… on purpose. Her un-airbrushed images were shown next to the airbrushed ones, so all her (supposedly) undesirable bits were emphasised further.

The pictures were taken in 2010 as part of an advertising campaign for fashion brand Candie’s. The then 29-year-old singer said she wanted to emphasise the pressure exerted upon women to be perfect with these pictures.

Jennifer Hawkins

In 2010, a Marie Claire Australia cover showed off Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins, un-airbrushed and nude. The former Australian cheerleader said she wanted women to feel like themselves and confident. Unfortunately, her already near-flawless figure (even without Photoshop nips and tucks) apparently made many Marie Claire Australia readers feel worse about their bodies. Nice try though, Jennifer!