Just when you thought you were having a normal, insanely boring busy week, we’re here to hit you with an announcement: Mindy Kaling is pregnant.

According to E!, the 38-year-old star of A Wrinkle in Time is expecting, but it was “an unexpected surprise” (the candor!). There will apparently not be any changes made to production schedules for her upcoming projects.

The soon-to-be mother has hinted at wanting to have children in the future, and the future is now. “I think I’ve decided that unlike everything else in my life, I’m going to be fast and loose about kids,” she told Yahoo Style in 2015 in a sit-down interview. “I’m going to not actively plan, but if it happens, it would happen.”

“I’m not cavalier about who I would have a kid with,” she continued. “But the thing I ask every parent that I really admire, the one comment they all have is that they wish they had kids earlier.”

Congrats, Mindy!

Via Marie Claire USA