We love Nicole Bessick. She’s one badass, talented lady and she’s been slaying throughout 2017. Her next big step is playing the character Chloe in the e-tv series Broken Vows. The series launched in April this year and has been serving up drama and suspense ever since. If you haven’t watched it yet, have a look at this: it’ll have you hooked.



Nicole is over the moon about her new role. ‘Chloe is a stunning and athletic young woman,’ she says. ‘She lost her father at an early age and, as she was responsible for his death, it’s left her with “daddy issues”. She was also a bit of a rebel at school and often got into trouble with her cousin and best friend, the character Brandon (played by Danny Ross), with Chloe being the main instigator. Brandon’s mom intervened and made Chloe and her mom move away, but now she’s back and causing some mischief!’

In August, we featured Nicole as a part of our Future Shapers issue, which celebrated powerful, trailblazing women making a difference, disrupting the status quo and shaping a better future for South Africa. She told us: ‘I want to play an active role in the future of my generation and live life as a positive role model. My advice to other young women is in line with that vision: be part of something.’

She told us back then that she would make it her aim to land roles that women can relate to and find inspiration from. ‘My future is firmly focused on landing inspiring roles. I’m an actress first and foremost. Landing TV and film roles that challenge stereotypes and make a difference is where my head is at.’