Michael Kors is the latest to join the long list of brands opting for a fur-free future. The American luxury brand recently announced that it will ban the use of fur in its collections and plans to be fur free by December 2018. The new policy will apply to both Michael Kors and its recently acquired Jimmy Choo line. ‘Due to technological advances in fabrications, we now have the ability to create a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur,’ Michael Kors said in a statement. The advancements in faux fur will be part of Kors’ upcoming fall 2018 show during New York Fashion Week in February.

Fashion brands feel the pressure to go fur free from various animal rights protection movements. A few months before the announcement, at an interview at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, he was shut down by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Protesters disrupted the talk, shouting ‘Michael Kors has blood on his hands’. And prior to that incident, other demonstrations took place in front of the Michael Kors store in NYC’s SoHo district that included anti-fur signs and a costume designed to look like Kors’ head.

Over the years, the brand has produced a small collection of fur products, some of which may still be in stores this year; but going forward no fur items will be designed. Michael Kors is the second-largest luxury fashion company to reveal a fur-free policy for the new year after Gucci. In October 2017, CEO and president of Gucci announced that its collections will no longer include animal fur from Spring 2018.

Other major brands who have already done this include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Armani.