The city of overpriced (but delicious) bagels, very tall (and reflective) buildings and most importantly, incredible fashion. Fashion month kicks off in the Big Apple, with NYFW 2017. We look to the streets outside all the fashion shows to get all the outfit inspiration we could ever need for Spring Summer ’18.

The Vintage Find

Ruffled, pleated or florals you would possibly find in your gran’s closet are having their moment to shine.


Adding a pop of red will do wonders for your outfit.

Basket Case

The hottest bag for summer could be used to carry your groceries and fashion week essentials.

Monochrome Geometry

Black and white gives us all the feels when it’s in contrasting geometry. Think polka dots, stripes or a combo of the two.

Matchy Matchy

Coordinating with your friends is a sure-fire way to make sure you all look completely fab. Think of a theme and get organising!

Summer Layering

It might not make sense to say layering is for summer, but when you’re layering simple pieces, it makes total sense.

Mint Geen

Be inspired by this fresh colour, and pair with other colours for a statement.

Functionality is Best

Because during fashion week (and always, really) you actually need your hands, let your bag be attached to your body.

Shoulder Play

When ruffles and one shoulder elements combine, you get pure magic.

Sorbet Suprise

You want to look like you’ve been scooped out an ice cream tub, basically.


Be a prints master as you layer matching or completely opposite prints together.

Slogan Shirts

Make sure your T or button up says something, whether that be an encouraging statement or shouting out your fave designer.


For 2017, the stripe comes in different colours and widths and is totally great.

Sunset Hues

Glorious summer sunset, but in dress form.

Statement Sweater

A bold sweater, worn as a dress or over a mini, is perfect for transitional weather days.


Tweed is back, in the best way possible. Find a belted blazer, two piece suit or pinafore dress.

All images via Imaxtree.