Resolutions are important, but how many of us can stick to them? When setting goals, it’s imperative to maintain realistic expectations of yourself. Unrealistic ideas can add more stress. Consider some of our resolutions below for an easier and more effective take on fashion and shopping.

1. Get more bang for your buck

Although sometimes annoying, opt to be included in newsletters where online sites and retail stores advertise their sales – be the first to know.

Photograph by Niquita Bento

2. Second chances

Explore thrift-store options where you can reduce your carbon footprint and get designer items for less.

3. Slow down

Don’t shop in a hurry. Being under pressure can go one of two ways: you either make irrational decisions, or you deal with pressure really well. Either way, you can benefit from shopping around.

4. Investment

Focus on investment pieces and play it safe with the classics. If you are keen on exploring new trends, then set yourself a price limit as well as a limit on the amount of items per month/year.

Photograph by Ian Engelbrecht

5. Be inspired

Save money and reinvent your wardrobe by experimenting with different pairings of existing items.

6. Be caring

Caring for your garments goes beyond the attached care tag. Educate yourself on how to take better care for your garments and accessories. For example, hand wash your bras. Items like jackets can be worn multiple times before they need a wash. Dry clean where necessary, and use the appropriate care products on shoes – especially suede. Group your colours to keep your garments looking new.

Photograph by Damon Fourie

7. Starting over

Spring cleaning is important, but can also be incredibly daunting. Start small and schedule a drawer or two. Be realistic, if it’s too big or small – donate it. Limit yourself to a handful of sentimental items if you are that way inclined.