If there’s one thing us fashion peeps love, it’s standing out. We want to look different from the  masses, and landing up at the same event in the same garment (or even the same outfit) as someone else is our absolute nightmare. In a time of mass-produced fashion, everyone can have this season’s denim jacket. Here’s how to turn yours into a one-of-a-kind, totally customised piece.

This cool update is kind of like those name-labels your mom sewed into your primary school uniforms, but way cooler. It’s so easy, you might end up wanting to personalise everything you own.

Step 1: Find a Denim Jacket

If you already have a jacket you’ve owned forever which needs an update, or you got a slick hand-me-down from your grandad, you don’t need to worry about this step. If you’re jacket-lacking, we advise you head to your nearest thrift store to pick one up. Pictured below is one I nabbed for R40 from a small store in Clarens.

Step 2: Collect Patches and Pins

This is where you’ll try and find the absolute best iron-on patches and pins. This will take some time and a whole lot of searching, but it will be well worth it! I’ve been collecting for a little while now, and have found patches at Mr Price and different fabric or haberdashery stores. The pins come from Zara, a lovely market in London and Witchery. I also like to keep to a general colour or theme.

Step 3: Iron ‘Em On

Turn your iron to cotton setting and place the patch where you’d like it to go. It’s a good idea to arrange a whole lot so you can see what they look like all together before you attach them. Put a thin sheet between the iron and the patch, with the sticky side towards the jacket. Hold the iron over the area for about 25-30 seconds, and lift up to check it’s stuck. If not, as some will be harder to iron on than others, repeat the process. And voila!

Step 4: Get Pinning…

The great part about the pins is that you can move them around, so you can play with the placement until you’re happy. They look great at the tip of a collar too!

Step 5: Marvel At Your Work

Your jacket is ready to be worn! (See, I told you it was easy.) Enjoy your lovely new piece and get ready for the compliments that will roll on in…

If you’re getting into the customisation idea, other options are designing and sewing your own clothes or wearing vintage. (If that scares you, read our guide to thrifting here.)