Reading this title, you will probably think back to the time you found the perfect coat. Unless you’re the lucky one who nabbed it in the sales, and have worn and loved your coat sole mate (C.S.M) every day since. If you have not found your C.S.M, then you may still have struggled through the process. In fact, you probably identify with the feelings of anguish at trying on coats that are too big, too small, too long, too short or too expensive. Therefore, you can testify  that it is indeed a struggle.

It is worth it once you’ve found it though, and so we urge you to try to release your frustration of finding this piece, and rather work through these steps in order to achieve outerwear bliss.

New York Fashion Week 2017 / Imaxtree

Step 1: Visualise What You Want

Obviously the most important step would be to imagine yourself in the coat of your dreams. Dream big, as you walk through an imaginary wardrobe trying on all the coats your heart desires. Look at length, silhouette, shape, materials, finishes and colour. Once you have an idea, you’ll know kind of which direction to head in once you’re in the store.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Think of all the possible places you could find this dream coat. Perhaps stores in malls, or online, second-hand or brand new. Write down a list if you’re that way inclined, this will help make sense of all this coat-induced madness.

Step 3: Go In

Approach said stores with the ideal coat in mind (and also options) and your budget. Although this also might change, start out with a general idea. Don’t be intimidated by how expensive coats can be, but be realistic. Also, bring with your favourite jersey that you’d want to possibly wear under it, so you can try it on.

Step 4: Try, Try and Try Again!

You will (probably) be going to many, many shops and trying on many, many coats so have patience for this. Don’t get fed up after you walk into the third shop which keeps teeny sizes only. Keep your head up, and keep trying on coats. Tip: Make friends with the people in the store, so they can run and fetch you a different size if need be.

Step 5: Think Before You Buy

This piece is an absolute wardrobe essential and will need it to go with most of your clothes. Feel free to try on loads of coats to make sure you’ve found the one, and then still take some time to think about it. Don’t get so excited that you’ve finally found your size that you end up buying it in a second, only to realize it had an ugly print hidden under the collar. Once you’ve carefully thought about it, and made sure it’ll go with your the clothes you already own, go ahead and swipe.

Step 6: Enjoy It!

Wear that perfect coat with pride. It looks gorgeous on you, and you’ve certainly worked hard to get it. When people come up to you with that look of envy at how you’ve found your C.S.M, give them a smile, shrug your coat-clad shoulders and say “oh, it was nothing!”

And then show them this article.

New York Fashion Week 2017 / Imaxtree