The brand new British Vogue under the editorship of Edward Enninful hits shelves today in the UK, and we love everything about it. At first glance, one could easily have mistaken it for a seventies throwback cover: it was bright blue eyeshadow and super glossy red lips wasn’t it? Nope – Adwoa Aboah makes it modern. She exudes retro glamour and effortlessly makes it relevant with her striking features, and of course she is currently one of the most sought after models in the world.

The makeup masterpiece was painted by the legendary Pat McGrath. It is immediately modernised with the bleached brows, while Adwoa’s beautiful freckles stand out as much as the bold blue on her eyes. The styling played along with the makeup – a Marc Jacobs dress and headscarf, picked out and styled by Enninful himself, that in turn brought to life Steven Meisel’s vision to capture all of the above in a way that really does reflect the past, today.


British Vogue December 2017, photographed by Steven Meisel

Why this cover is legitimately exciting

Those who call it ‘too retro’ should look at the bigger picture. This cover is, in my mind, an instant classic. It’s the first British Vogue issue under the editorship of a man, a black man; it represents the first of many ‘new’ ones to follow. It was considered and smart to give it a retro-modern feel, for it to perhaps feel like your very first issue of British Vogue in history when you look back at it. It represents a beginning.

It shamelessly celebrates all things British and British people: there are no cover lines, only the words ‘Great Britain’ and a list of the names of super models, novelists, actors, musicians, businessmen, designers and creatives from yesteryear and today.

Opinions on the cover have been mostly positive, with some hailing the ‘return to glamour’ and saying that it reminded them of a ‘nostalgic French Vogue cover from the 70’s’, and others even calling it ‘iconic’. The word on the street is that inside the pages, British Vogue is now ‘less posh and more real’. This debut has certainly achieved what magazines are there to do. A magazine should make you feel good, get you talking and excite you about expressing yourself through fashion, through words and conversation, through diversity and through admiration.

Now for the wait for another reveal and perhaps a cover that will allow us to better understand the journey that British Vogue has embarked on.


Bristish Vogue December 2017 issue / Adwoa Aboah photographed by Steven Meisel


So tell me, what do you think of this cover?