We can’t get enough of denim. Denim shoes, denim accessories, denim jeans, denim panties. There’s no outfit that denim can’t freshen up and instantly make cool.

Denim overalls are just another wonderful dish variation. You may gasp at the thought of dawning those old dungarees again, but these sorts of resurrections are part of the fashion game. Dungaree dressing shouldn’t necessarily remind you of your pre-school or after-school art lesson days. They have the potential to look both sophisticated and down-to-earth in a Beyoncé-kind-of-way. This is how it’s done:

One for all and all-in-one

Denim overalls are best served clean with few accessories. Show off that great garment with a popped collar and rolled sleeves or none at all. Flat denim with discoloured patches lends some industrial glam and workwear-cool to this everyday look.

The belt

To prevent the look falling flat, wear a belt or tied waist. Kick things up a notch by playing around with the length and buckles until you feel you’ve nailed the look.

The wide leg


Flare is good. Flare is fun. Flare looks good on everyone. Try wearing the cropped flare for an update on dungaree dressing.

The playful pinafore


When looking to show off your legs, roll up the edge of your dungarees to create texture. Don some socks to balance your legs and adda little quirk, especially when you want to look less like a ‘beach babe’.

The dark dungaree

Denim on denim styling can look amazing and mixing with dark and light denims can also be effective. Add a heel for next level sophistication.

The capri 

If you’re looking for a fresh take on dungaree dressing, the capri is your best friend.

The distressed dungaree

Don’t stress, keep things distressed. Some abrasion gives your dungarees edge and makes things more interesting.

Images from Imaxtree