Charli XCX  has released a video for her single ‘Boys’, featuring 60 male celebrities playing with puppies, floundering in rose petals and dripping in water. Yes. The ‘boys’ include Diplo, Kaytranada, Joe Jonas, Khalid, Brendon Urie, Mark Ronson,, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign, to name a few. In short, it’s the perfect response to every video of naked women doing ridiculous ‘sexy’ poses that would never happen in real life. The video subverts this with luscious visuals (seriously, you need to see it), but also makes fun of the typical music video shots.

Check out this treat of a music video here:

According to Charli XCX, it all started when she was ‘thinking about Joe Jonas being really sexy, eating food… I thought this could be an idea,’ she told Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. Charlie messaged friends and colleagues she had worked with in the industry: ‘I felt like I could harass enough of them into doing this video,’ she joked. The boys were keen, and the result is a refreshing counter to the usual music-video tropes. Charlie wanted to ‘flip the male gaze on its head and have you guys do the sexy stuff,’ which they certainly did (Cameron Dallas licking a chainsaw, anyone?).

Could this be the perfect response to the outright ridiculousness of DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m the one’ and the millions of similar videos that have come before it?

We’ve watched the ‘Boys’ video at least three times and cannot get enough. Here’s Khalid playing with puppies:


Charlie Puth getting foam to the face:


Some insights into Charli XCX’s conceptual process for the music video:

I was busy thinkin bout…..

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Serving looks:

no caption needed. cc: @thefatjewish 🔥💕 📸 @brookecandy

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The inversion bringing us tears of joy.

Don’t play with that’s … #xcxboys #xcx #camerondallas

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An entire fave.

Jay Park × @charli_xcx #xcxboys

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All round, incredible work.

We’re also loving the sex-positive lyrics, which on paper definitely look a lot more like what we’re used to hearing from men about women:

‘I need that bad boy to do me right on a Friday
And I need that good one to wake me up on a Sunday
That one from work can come over on Monday night
I want ’em all, I want ’em all…

In every city I’ve got one with different ringtones
Flyin’ from L.A. all the way to Puerto Rico’

A round of applause for Charli XCX!