My last 10 reasons why post of 2017. Crazy! How did we get here so fast? But what an exciting time of year – you simply don’t get more festive than this, and we cannot wait. In celebration of this happy time of year, we have thrown together (not really, we worked really hard) a fantastic issue packed with party-season-inspired fashion, beauty looks that kill, and features and stories to inspire. Read below for a breakdown of the Jan/Feb issue.

1. Fashion trends

Our trends pages are filled with fashion and accessories you simply can’t go without this holiday period. From skirts, jumpsuits and blouses to sliders, sunglasses and cute bags, we cover just about everything you need to keep you at the poolside, dancing until dawn and lounging the following day in style.

2. Gimme that summer glow

Well, we show you how in ‘Skin Solutions’. Sweating in summer is a real thing, and often our make-up is affected as a direct result. Use these handy tips and products to help you beat the heat.

3. Five of the best

What is your number-one accessory this summer? Sunscreen of course. We break down five of the best on the market, all with an SPF factor you just shouldn’t do without.

4. You know her as Suzelle DIY…

But Edwain Steenkamp interviewed the real person behind the character so real and convincing you’d think she has a South African ID. We get to know Julia Anastasopoulos in her own right, and her new character, Tali Babes.

5. Gwen Stefani is our cover star

Gwen made ska music cool, has her own fashion lines and is dating People Magazine sexiest man alive 2017, Blake Shelton. Not to mention Gwen has found her groove again, after admitting to losing her way for some time after her divorce. There is no stopping this siren – learn about her journey in our fabulous cover feature.

6. Don’t let your cellphone ruin your sex life

‘A 2016 Durex survey of 2 000 adults revealed that 41% of people are less likely to instigate sex if their partner is on the phone in bed…’ Lynette Botha investigates whether technology really has such power.

7. Why is money an awkward topic of conversation between couples?

The topic of finance can be a tricky one. But bring finance into a relationship dynamic and its downright terrifying. Jocelyn Stiebel uncovers why this is a common phenomenon for many couples.

8. Florals with street cred

Take feminine floral prints to the next level by adding a streetwise attitude.

9. Summertime savvy

A four-step plan for those searing-hot days when you just have to bare it all.

10. Fasting diets: pros and cons

From the 5:2 to Monday juicing, fasting diets promise huge health benefits. But does the science stack up? Our wellness section gives you all the info you need before you try it.