We all know that fertility decreases as women age, but there’s a huge gap in knowledge and information about how the male ageing process effects conception. A recent Harvard study has helped level the playing field and it’s time to invert the narrative. According to The Telegraph, younger men have more ‘effective’ sperm. While there are various fertility medicines, surgical procedures and assisted conception methods (such as in vitro fertilisation) available, this simply adds one other possible route to your list: A young side thing.

1. There is an increased likelihood of conception in women with younger lovers (success rates of 70 per cent), compared to those with men who are older or the same age (54 per cent). Apart from these odds, in the latter case, it generally takes longer to fall pregnant and there are increased chances of miscarriage.

2. For younger women, this means, well, you may have more time and more options than you thought. You could date younger later or just get yourself a young side thing down the line, whatever works for you.

3. This is particularly notable for older women, as women between the ages of 35 and 40 with lovers below the age of 30 are much more likely to fall pregnant. “It seems that the older eggs are in a way invigorated by the sperm of younger men” says fertility expert Dr Gillian Lockwood. Toyboys for the win.

4. The receipts? These findings are backed by striking evidence from a Harvard Medical School study of almost 20 000 cycles of fertility treatment over a period of 14 years.

5. Dr Allen Pacey of Sheffield University adds that there are known risks, such as autism and schizophrenia from older fathers, hence the sperm donor age window.

This research shows that having kids is very much dependent on both parties. It’s not just the age of the women that matters here, which has been held as the main (if not only) factor for way too long in society. No longer should the biological clock be a burden for many modern women to carry alone. It is simply (and scientifically) untrue that it only applies to them. So tell that annoying aunty at your next family gathering to shift her ticking clock lecture to your male relatives instead.