According to BBC News, British tennis-player Andy Murray was quick to correct a journalist at the Wimbledon press conference on Wednesday. The reporter stated that Sam Querrey (US player who recently knocked Murray out of Wimbledon) was “the first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009”. Win or lose, Murray has no time for casual sexism in his profession.

Given the monumental success of Serena Williams (12 Grand Slams since 2009), we know the reporter only meant male players. Murray elegantly reminded the reporter that he was overlooking female players, in the interview, by filling in the missing word. Watch the interview snippet here:



Twitter praised the player for making the correction (in the way only Twitter can):


Without overplaying it at all, Murray refused to let the casual sexism slide.


Also, he made his mother proud:


Casual and not-so-casual sexism remains a problem in sport and society. And although all Murray did was add one word to correct a journalist, it was enough to make us smile this morning. Can all the cis-men out there please take a leaf out of Andy’s book? Words matter, people.